Gurinder Chadha: Aunt Dies From Covid-19

CELEBRITY NEWS: Gurinder Chadha’s aunt has died due to complications from the coronavirus, the filmmaker said on Sunday.

Chadha shared the news of her aunt’s demise on Instagram. Her aunt, who is her father’s younger sister, was admitted to Surrey hospital in London.

Sharing photos of her aunt, Gurinder Chadha wrote, “Today we said goodbye to my dearest bhuaji /aunt from #covi̇d19 complications. She was my dad’s little sister She is the aunt sitting down in these final pictures from #viceroyshouse and doted on me. She survived the Partition of India and sadly for us, her family no one could be with her in person in her final moments.”

The Blinded by the Light director lauded hospital staff for helping her aunt FaceTime with her kids in her last moments.

Chadha added, “But two nurses in the Surrey hospital held her hand, FaceTimed her children who all chanted Sikh prayers during which her soul departed. God bless the #nhsheroes who made my dear aunts passing humane.”

The UK coronavirus death toll on Sunday passed 16,000.

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