Malai Milk Cream For Glowing Skin

It is said that milk cream can make your skin look younger than your years. And who does not want youthful-looking skin? The secret to healthy skin can be found in malai aka milk cream, yes you read right. Learn more here:

SKIN CARE: Who does not want youthful-looking skin? The secret to healthy skin can be found in malai aka milk cream, yes you read right.

In these trying times — when the world itself has come to a standstill — taking care of yourself has become imperative. This includes both your mental and physical health. With a lockdown in place, you cannot really step out, this means that you have to do all the self-care at home. Among other things, you can use this time to take care of your skin, by doing nothing that is extremely elaborate. All you need is one simple ingredient and you are good to go.

Let us consider malai or milk cream first, shall we?

Milk cream as a lightening agent
If you’re dealing with a stubborn tan that won’t go away, just mix some malai with a little bit of saffron and leave it on your skin for half-an-hour. The potent combination of saffron and milk makes for an excellent, natural skin lightener and over time, shows visible results.

We have all grown up sharing a love-hate relationship with the cream of milk. While for some it is nirvana, for others it is something to be totally loathed. Like it or hate it, you cannot ignore the fact that it is magical for the skin. And if you are looking for one simple face pack, here is why you should not look beyond malai.

* It is said that milk cream can make your skin look younger than your years. And who does not want youthful-looking skin? Malai contains proteins and vitamins that improve the skin texture and boost the production of collagen to make it look young.

* The next time you consider a de-tan treatment, check if you have some malai in the fridge first. The lactic acid in malai can lighten the skin by removing the tan, thereby making if glow naturally.

* It can remove the dead skin cells, so it can become your natural exfoliator, too. And the best thing is, you can also use it to clean your elbows and your knees, not just the face.

Malai is considered to be a natural cleanser, owing to its natural properties. So, you can say goodbye to those expensive face cleansers and use milk cream instead every time you wish to wash your face and the dirt away.

* That malai is thick is a known fact. It is this thickness of the cream that you can use to your advantage. The fats present in malai can moisturise the skin. All you need to do is massage some on your face and watch it glisten. Not only will it make the skin soft, but also repair any and all damaged tissues.

* When it cleans your skin, it also gently opens up all the clogged pores, thereby allowing the proteins and vitamins to go inside and hydrate it from within.

With all the aforementioned benefits, malai is really your ideal skincare ingredient.

Milk cream as an exfoliant
Little did we know that milk cream can also be used as an exfoliant.
Grind some breadcrumbs (or you can alternatively even use oats), mix them with equal parts malai and grind it into a paste.  Apply it all over your body and gently exfoliate to get rid of any dead skin that might be lurking on the surface. It’s super easy to do you will usually have all the ingredients at home. This comes highly recommended especially for the wedding season.

Malai to condition hair
Obviously if it’s that beneficial for the skin, milk cream can also work wonders for your hair. After you’re done shampooing, apply milk cream on your hair the same way you would conditioner. Ensure that you steer clear of your scalp since it can be a tad tricky to get cream off there. This helps to condition dry hair and get rid of the frizz.

The next time, you can store some cream, clean your hands and apply it to your face, elbows and knees. Do it for a period of time and the difference will be visible.

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