Oily Skin: Detox This Lockdown

Have you ever felt disappointed with your oily skin even though you’re taking care of yourself? You been working out, eating well and following the ‘right’ skincare routine? Well, you are not alone. We have all been through that phase. But that should mean that you stop taking care of your skin.

In fact you are use your time at home set a skincare routine or detoxify your skin at regular intervals. Ahead, we tell you the steps to give your oily skin a much-needed detox.

Step 1: Begin by prepping your skin with oil (a non-comedogenic one) preferably extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil. Take a few drops in your palms and pat it on your skin. Massage in an upward motion and with soft pressure underneath your eyes.

Step 2: Once you are done massaging, it is time to wash your face with a gentle cleanser, something that doesn’t strip your face of its natural oils yet leaves it feeling squeaky clean.  Do you know your skin type?

Step 3: Those with oily skin understand that dirt buildup is frequent with this skin type, often making it look dull and tired. Thus, it is important to understand why exfoliation is imperative to keep the pores clean. Check out this DIY face scrub for yourself. Apply in gently in circular motions on your forehead, chin and nose to banish all the gunk and dirt.

Step 4: Exfoliation removes the dirt buildup and the accumulated layer of dead skin cells but since we are talking about detoxification, it is important to eliminate dirt from deep within and this is where masking comes into play. Masking is important, and for those with oily skin, there’s nothing better than multani mitti or fuller’s earth. Opt for a mask which has volcanic clay or carbon to flush out impurities.

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Step 5: Now is the time to focus on blackheads. It is a type of acne which looks like small bumps that appear on the chin, forehead, nose and even the back area when hair follicles become clogged with oil, dirt and dead skin cells.

Step 6: Top it up with a toner to bring the Ph balance of your skin in place. Try using a toner which has extracts of witch hazel since it is a fast natural oil-absorbing element that will work wonders for your skin. End it with a hyaluronic acid moisturiser which is not oily yet hydrating for your skin.