Switzerland Matterhorn Mountain Lights Up With Indian Tricolour Flag

The coronavirus pandemic may have caused the world to come to a standstill, but it also has made the world stand united. Fighting against a common enemy has made us stand in solidarity with other nations, the spirit of which has been recently captured in Switzerland.

According to News18, the Indian tricolour has been projected onto the Matterhorn Mountain in the Swiss Alps. It is a part of a light illumination series – an effort to spread hope during such tough times.

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The 14,690-feet Matterhorn mountain has been illuminated by the famous Swiss light artist, Gerry Hofstetter. He has been lighting the mountain with the flags of various countries along with messages of hope to help people get through the pandemic.

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According to NDTV, words like “hope”, “solidarity”, and “stay home” have since been projected onto the peak as well along with a giant red heart on a white background.

“Light is hope. So if you do a message with light in such a situation as we are in now, you give that hope. The Matterhorn was here before mankind was. You can go back in history, two, three or four thousand years; when they had a disease. It was art that brought people together for hope and looking for a brighter future once again. Only art can do this,” said Hofstetter.

Pictures of the beautiful sight have been posted on social media. Have a look:

The world is stronger when it stands together!

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