The Best Bollywood Streaming Services

Bollywood films are enjoyed by more than 1.3 billion people around the world. Of course, the biggest market for these movies is within the borders of India, but those with links to the country and those interested in the culture are also numerous.

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This means that streaming services for Bollywood films have the potential to attract huge audiences, although some of the original streaming services tended to focus on content from Western countries. 

While the original streaming services that were launched by the likes of Netflix in the late 2000s mostly carried titles from the back catalogues of major Hollywood studios, a whole range of niche streaming services have since popped up.

This includes BritBox, which exclusively streams British TV shows; BroadwayHD that offers the best Broadway shows, and PokerStars TV which includes coverage from live events and interviews with players. 

Thankfully for those interested in Bollywood movies, there are also plenty of these niche (and even mainstream) services that now offer plenty of films and TV shows produced in India and in Hindi. 


Hotstar is one of the biggest platforms with Hindi language movies and TV shows. It has every genre you could want, including talk shows, reality TV, documentaries, comedy, drama and horror. 

Content is also available in eight different languages: Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Marathi, English and Kannada. This means you can be sure you’ll find streaming that’s available in your language. 

Free content is available to anyone with an Indian IP address, although you can subscribe for a monthly fee outside of the country. 

Amazon Prime

Despite its original focus on Western content, Amazon Prime now has an extensive library of Hindi language content. 

This includes the top-rated films Karwaan, Pataakha, Maqbol, and Mardaani 2. Much of this content is available around the world, meaning that those outside of India can access it as part of their usual Amazon Prime subscription.


Like Amazon Prime, Netflix has also increased its library of Bollywood content, with hundreds of Hindi language films and TV shows now available for streaming. 

You’ll even find Netflix originals produced in Indian, such as the recently released Crime Drama, She, which stars Aaditi Pohankar. 

Another Netflix original is Hasmukh, a TV show that stars Vir Das and Ranvir Shorey. It tells the story of a timid comedian from a small town who gets a big break in his career. All is going well until he is forced to commit a murder to keep his career alive. 

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Eros Now

Eros Now offers a very large selection of films, TV shows, and other content in 12 different languages. Whether you speak Punjabi, Tamil, Hindi, Swahili, or even Russian, there will be plenty of Bollywood-esque content for you. 

In addition to its feature-length films and full TV shows, Eros Now has content that it calls “quickies”. These are shorter videos that compress stories into short clips that are around 10 minutes in length. 

Like Netflix, Eros produces its own original content, including popular shows like Smoke, SideHero and Operation Cobra. There’s even a series of cookery shows called Shipras Kitchen. 

It’s not just video either. You’ll find plenty of music on Eros Now, meaning you can enjoy the soundtracks to your favourite movies or listen to playlists like “Bollywood Instrumental” and “Fall In Love”. 

There is a paid subscription package for Eros Now, but you can also access much of the content for free. 

Hungama Movies

Hungama Movies boasts a large collection of Bollywood movies including Action, Romantic, Drama, and Comedy. It has content in 11 different languages and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Its packages are quite reasonable too, with access to its movies, TV shows and short films for just $5 per month. For an additional $2 you can also have unlimited ad-free access to its 10 million songs and music videos, helping you to soundtrack your life with your favourite regional songs.