Raunchy Horses Interrupt Teacher Storytime

LOCKDOWN THINGS: A news anchor who was interrupted by his dog during a live weather forecast while working from home is testimony to that. And now a nursery teacher was also forced to reconsider her choice of filming location while shooting a storytime video for her students stuck at home, all thanks to her raunchy horses, reports Mirror Online.

Eloise Roberts decided to move from her regular boring background and shoot the video out in the open, with the horses in the background. She is living at the horse riding school run by her partner Steph Smith. Everything was going as planned until the horses, Sarsons and Anakin, decided to put up a show.

So, while Steph was filming Eloise reading from a book, the naughty horses decided to make love in the background. The 32-year-old school teacher said:

“I was trying to do a little video for the kids, something different instead of being sat inside on the sofa, but the horses had other ideas.”

Eloise, being well aware of the movement in the background continues to read but as Steph’s camera pans to the floor, she turns around to find the horses being intimate with each other, reports Daily Mail.

“Anakin only got gelded last year so he still can be a bit frisky but I was still not expecting that. The whole time they’d been out in the field they hadn’t been doing that then as soon as I started reading they started.” She further added:

“They must have been bored with my story. I could see Steph laughing and I could hear that the horses were up to something behind me.”

She immediately bursts out in laughter and moves to another background after two failed attempts.

“I didn’t want to stop reading to look but as I did I burst out laughing too. We tried to film it a second time but they just kept doing it. It was hilarious.”

“Obviously I couldn’t share it on the nursery page because it’s not so appropriate for the kids but I decided to post it on my own Facebook and people have loved it. Everyone thinks it’s hilarious and my friends have been messaging me to tell me they just keep watching it. Everyone needs a laugh at the moment,” she added.

Well, now you know that it’s either play or work when you have pets. Both things don’t quite work well. LMAO!

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