Little Boy And His T-Rex Offering Namaaz Goes Viral

Little boy offers namaz with his toy T-Rex during Ramadan

SOCIAL MEDIA: A little boy in Malaysia has become the latest viral sensation as he performs the Muslim ritual prayer of namaz with his toy T-Rex dinosaur.

Twitter user @didieey_ shared two videos on the micro-blogging site showing men in her family offering namaz indoors and a little boy too is there in the prayer room following the steps of elders. But he isn’t alone, he makes his little T-Rex too bend down and bow his head, only the hind legs make it a little harder for the plastic animal.

Wishing everyone Ramdan Mubarak, the woman shared the cute video that has not only garnered over 1 million views on the original clip, it has even spread on other social media platforms as well, leaving netizens in splits.

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