Dala U Crew Challenge Video Mocks Hindu And Muslims

NEWS: A challenge video created by a social media user for the amateur video community Dala U Crew (DUC) has taken disrespect for the Hindu and Muslim faith to another level. A good sense of humor can go a long way to uniting people and creating a bunch of laughs but not in the case of yet another controversial Dala U Crew (DUC) video that has surfaced. The parody video has angered thousands of primarily Hindu and Muslim South African social media users calling for him to be dealt with for hurting their religious sentiment.

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The man in question is known as ‘Mr Pillay’ is a Durban Metro police officer who made news last year for dressing up in pink as he directed traffic.

In the challenge video, viewers watch as the man performs a sacred Hindu religious act of turning a coconut – which has a camphor burning on it – he is heard revering the alcohol and his impending challenge. The video was shot for submission to the Dala U Crew social media community. The man continues to recite various Hindu mantras interspersed with with a series of phrases mocking this sacred act.

According to Hindu religious belief, the ritual – of turning a flamed coconut – is generally performed to remove the ‘evil-eye’ or nazar from a person or surroundings like a home or business.

Dala U Crew video Hindu Muslims
A challenge video made for the amateur video community Dala U Crew, has taken disrespect for the Hindus and Muslims to another level.

The man goes on to infuriate Muruga-worship followers by muttering the phrases, ‘vel vel vetrivel’ and ‘arogara’ as he completes the first part of his strange act. After completing the ritual, he splits the coconut in halves and places the two coconut pieces on the table now declaring the prayer complete. The man – dressed in a pink pyjama – identifies the contents laid out on the table but not before he mocks the Hindu and Islamic faiths. He then creates a cocktail of three eggs mixed with a generous portion of what looks like holy ash, known as ‘vibhuti’ to Hindus and adds turmeric powder and salt and pepper to the strange concoction. The use of holy ash as based on Hindu rituals, is an item where devotees apply the holy ash aka ‘vibhuti’ traditionally as three horizontal lines across the forehead and other parts of the body to honor a religious deity based on their Hindu sect. The man then consumes a series of chillies followed by a number alcoholic drinks, but it doesn’t end there. He proceeds to shave his eyebrows off completely and then offers up the challenge to the social media community of Dala U Crew (DUC).

Watch the video here

Dala U Crew has in the past created questionable content which has upset religious views. In 2019 the video production team of Dala U Crew landed in hot water after a video featuring the former Deputy Mayor Logie Naidoo also went viral. The former Ethekwini deputy mayor was seen using a series of vulgarities while mocking the Hindu fasting period of purtassi. You can watch Logie Naidoo in the Dala U Crew video video here.

Dala U Crew (DUC) have not responded to queries from Indian Spice regarding the latest user-generated content. The video has not surfaced on the Dala U Crew (DUC) official social media platforms except for the edited version they released of the video.

UPDATE: Dala U Crew (DUC) have responded following the publishing of this news story citing the article title must be changed. However, in light of the context of the story and their previous gaffe we will not be making amendments to the headline.

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