Dala U Crew Investigations Underway | Film Publications Board Receive Complaints

NEWS: The South African public are calling for the Film and Publications Board of South Africa to institute an urgent investigation into the video sharing group Dala U Crew (DUC). This after the religious mockery incident video went viral this past weekend.

The controversial parody video was created for the amateur video content group Dala U Crew (DUC) in response to an ‘egg challenge’ that has been featuring on their social media platforms. The mockery of religious acts in the video sparked widespread condemnation from South Africans who took offense to the abuse of sacred religious acts performed by a man who is believed to be a Durban Metro police officer. Last night ‘Mr Pillay’ who is accused of hurting religious sentiment of South African Hindus and Muslims apologized for his actions and utterances in the Dala U Crew (DUC) challenge video.

Reactions to his apology indicate that the South Africans want action to be taken against him and owners of Dala U Crew (DUC).

Public call for shutdown of Dala U Crew (DUC)

Apart from the rage directed at Mr Pillay, the public are calling for the Film and Publications Board to investigate the video sharing group Dala U Crew (DUC) as well as complaints to the South African Human Rights commission have been noted.

Various allegations by social media users directed at the group’s administrators allege that Dala U Crew (DUC) have been complicit in actions that call for an investigation by various authorities. Netizens have reacted that the Dala U Crew (DUC) failed – in the case of this recent video – to filter and reject any content in their challenge videos that violate rights of others.

Dala U Crew Investigation
Dala U Crew Investigation
Dala U Crew Investigation

Copies of other allegations submitted by South African citizens to the Film and Publications Board against Dala U Crew (DUC) include that the administrators/owners regularly user unauthorized copyrighted content in videos they publish on social media platforms. Others also claim that the video group publishes content without express permission from individuals that are exposed in those videos. Other complaints include sharing content that is not regulated viewing for minors.

The Film and Publications Board is yet to respond to our request for comment on the matter.

Durban Metro Police Initiate Investigation

Ethekwini’s Metro Police head Steve Middleton has responded to Indian Spice’s queries this afternoon. He has urged the public to lay charges at their local police station.

In his email correspondence Middleton explains, “Metro Police has initiated an investigation into this incident, I am informed that this has also been reported to the Films and Publications Board for investigation of the company spreading the video, as well as I believe an individual member of the public intending opening up a SAPS charge.”

In respect to direct queries from the public calling for action to be taken against Mr Pillay. In an email shared by one complainant the Metro police head Middleton stated,

All and any issues related to alleged criminality have to have a case opened at the South African Police service, a case administration number (CAS) will then be given to the complainant, and then thereafter will be investigated by respective detectives allocated the docket

You will have to submit an affidavit when opening a case with saps as the complainant

Steve Middleton, Head Metro Police, Ethekwini

Dala U Crew owner/s dodging answers

Indian Spice reached out to Dala U Crew (DUC) for comment on Sunday offering them a right of reply. An administrator responded to our messages on their official Instagram handle after our story broke.

The Dala U Crew (DUC) administrator refused to identify himself and did not comment on the incident that involves them. The administrator went on to demand that the headline of our original story be changed to divert attention from their group. We rejected their demand which led to threats to sue Indian Spice for defamation.

See the conversation here

None of the questions posed were answered by owner Sunjeev Singh, the administrator/s of Dala U Crew (DUC) or by Masood Boomgard who is a Dala U Crew content producer.

A video released by Dala U Crew (DUC) this Monday afternoon shows their attempt to divorce themselves from their latest mistake of religious mockery. Remember the Logie Naidoo Dala U Crew video mocking the Hindu fasting period of Purtassi? Watch that gaffe here

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