Delhi Doc Survives Covid-19 After Testing +ve With No Symptoms

WORLD NEWS: Healthcare workers are on the frontline risking their lives everyday to treat patients, many of whom might be infected with Covid-19 but have not been tested. There are also various news reports which have shown how a COVID-19 infected person doesn’t show symptoms right away. There have been some cases of asymptomatic coronavirus patients. However, even if a person is asymptomatic, they can continue to spread the virus onto others.

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An account of such a case has been provided by The Indian Express, In an interview with Dr Arun Kohli, a COVID-19 survivor from Delhi, we get a glimpse of the when and how’s of an asymptomatic coronavirus patient.

Dr Arun Kohli is a practising physician and diabetologist and hence had patients to attend while the pandemic was accelerating.

“I had a lot of patients to attend to, who were coming with cough and cold. You cannot tell them not to come. It is likely that I acquired the infection while on duty.”

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It was on March 25 that he got himself checked and he tested positive for COVID-19.

“It was quite unexpected because I was asymptomatic, except now experts are saying that it is something that is being noticed in many infected people. That said, I did have a cough and cold for two days–on the day of Janata Curfew.”

For the cough and cold, the doctor took the usual viral medicines. However, his wife, who is also a doctor, suggested him to go for the RT-PCR test.

“On March 27, I was admitted to the hospital and was there till April 15. It was a regular COVID treatment. The diet was what you usually get at hospitals but with more of proteins.”

He reveals how he was initially kept in the coronavirus-positive ward. After 2 tests which came negative, he was shifted to the coronavirus-negative ward. Later, 2 more tests were performed which came negative after which he was discharged. He was then subjected to self-quarantine for the upcoming 14 days.

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Dr Kohli is currently following the quarantine protocol strictly. He and his family live in the same house but are in different rooms. All members, including the house-help, have been tested with negative results. They are maintaining distance from each other and are wearing masks indoors.

“I have high regard for all corona fighters and frontline workers. I would advise them to take all the necessary precautions to protect themselves. I would also request everybody out there to not discriminate against those who have tested positive.”

We hope this account helps people realise the gravity of the crisis we are in and act accordingly!

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