Durban Entertainer Appeals For Help As Money Runs Out

DURBAN NEWS: The impact of lockdown in South Africa has left thousands of creative artists scrambling to survive. While there are interventions to assist those in the acting and entertainment industry, there are many finding themselves in hopeless situations.

Durban entertainer Neville Pillay has taken to social media platform Facebook to share the dire situation that his family faces with no money at month-end. The loss of jobs during lockdown has left many families hungry including his own without an end in sight.

In the video, Pillay opens up on about the situation that faces many creatives like himself where livelihoods are being stalled by the COVID-19 crisis. Pillay and entertainer and actor himself primarily depends on event bookings to sustain himself is now unable to work due to ill-health. Pillay reveals in the appeak video, how his ailing health and limited dialysis treatments has limited him from returning to the entertainment stage.

Pillay posted the video along with banking details where funds can be deposited into to assist him and his family during lockdown.

Watch the video here

What can you do if you are an actor or entertainer in need of assistance?

The South Africa Guild of Actors (SAGA) have shared resource links for relief programs for creative artists on their social media platforms. This applies to those who belong to the entertainment industry that can apply for financial relief and information on additional funding resources. And then South Africa’s National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF) is offering financial relief to entertainment companies or individuals who have had to cancel productions due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Department of Sports and Arts & Culture has allocated R150 million to the relief fund while the foundation has allocated R5m to assist creatives in these sectors.

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