Kriti Sanon domestic violence poem
Kriti Sanon recites a poem that she had written in school aafter listening to her house help experience of domestic violence by her husband.

Kriti Sanon Recites Her Domestic Violence Poem

The global lockdown has forced people to stay at home with their partners which has led to an increased number of domestic violence cases in the country.

According to India Today the cases of domestic violence have doubled during the lockdown as compared to pre-lockdown days. Even the World Health Organisation (WHO) says that ‘the risk of intimate partner violence is likely to increase, as distancing measures are put in place and people are encouraged to stay at home.’ Taking cognisance of the rising number of domestic violence cases, ‘Luka Chuppi’ actor Kriti Sanon took to social media and shared a poem addressing the issue.

According to Hindustan Times, Kriti recited the poem that she had written in class 11 after listening to her house help who was subjected to domestic violence by her husband.

The poem, titled ‘Abused’ describes the plight of a victim. She goes on to recite:

Explaining why she read the poem now, she says:

“I am reading this poem now because there has been an alarming increase in the domestic violence cases in this lockdown period. And it’s terrible to even read, imagine someone going through it every single day.”

She went on to say that today she would like to go back and change the ending of the original poem that says, “But, I cannot control my life. So again the sun sets, I die again but manage to survive.”

“Why do you have to survive, it’s your life and you can control your life. only you can control your life,” she says.

She further says that it’s not okay for anybody to physically hurt you. She urged people to report to the authorities if they are victims or happen to know someone going through this. She also shared helpline numbers that victims of domestic violence can call.

Kriti rightly pointed out that it’s your life and you have full control over it. Staying silent is not the answer. Speak up and hold the perpetrators responsible for their heinous acts.

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