Journalist Nivashni Nair-Sukdhev Releases Book Amid Lockdown

SABC NEWS: Award-winning journalist, Nivashni Nair-Sukdhev has taken her skill of writing breaking hard hitting stories to a new level – penning her personal story as a Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome warrior in her debut book entitled ‘What’s On My Mind? Making Babies. Nair-Sukdhev says there were several moments when she stopped writing because it was too painful to continue as she relived the anguish she and her husband Rohan Sukdhev experienced for eight years when they battled infertility.

However, she says writing the book was also a reminder of the support they had during their journey. Nair’s book was scheduled to be launched at the Durban Book Fair a week ago but with South Africa on lockdown, Nair’s publishers, Hashtag Books decided to pre-launch the book online at

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Her son Riav will one day learn of an amazing journey of his parents, Nivashni and Rohan and their dream of being a mom and dad. Sukhdev was battling the condition better known as PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and infertility and this is her story

The much-anticipated book will be launched in June 2020. Pre-order your copy now by clicking here.

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