Mom Cat Carries Kitten To Hospital For Medical Assistance

Not just pets, stray animals deserve some tender love and care too. Which is why it is heartening to see lifeguards in Goa setting up water stations for birds, feeding dogs that roam the beaches, and people leaving out food for squirrels in their yards in the US.

According to NDTV, doctors in Istanbul, Turkey, helped out a cat that brought its kitten to the hospital for medical assistance. The mumma cat was given milk and food while a veterinarian checked up on the offspring.

Hindustan Times reports that the kitten is hale and hearty now thanks to the healthcare professionals who spotted the felines in the emergency room. Residents of Turkey are known for their compassion and kindness towards stray animals.

The cat’s parental instincts and quick thinking are being lauded on the internet. After all, a mother’s love is the most powerful force on Earth!

Animals sure are wiser than us, don’t you agree?

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