Durban Mom Patricia Govender Stuck In Fiji For Two Months

SABC NEWS: A Durban mother who is grounded in Fiji for over two months, experienced a sad Mother’s Day this year.

Patricia Govender, a Pinetown mother of three, is currently stuck in Fiji with her husband and two other family members. Govender had travelled to the island country to celebrate her birthday in early March. However, their return trip to South African was cancelled due to the national lockdown, just days before departure. Govender says being away from her young children together with the financial burden of living in Fiji is taking a toll on her and her husband.

Govender says the situation is taking an emotional, mental and financial toll on her family.

She says, “My husband’s uncle and aunt are with us and his uncle has diabetes. He ran out of insulin which was impossible to get here and is currently very ill. We are incurring a whole lot of costs and our finances are depleting because we are taking care of three kids back home and with all these extra costs and medical costs, it’s really taking a toll on us emotionally and becoming mentally exhausting. We desperately tried every means possible to try and get back home.”

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