Ayushi Chhabra Lands Role In TV Series ‘Star Trek: Picard’

NEWS: She left South Africa to pursue her dreams in America and now this Indian actor living in Los Angeles has finally hit the big time, after landing a role in the critically acclaimed television series Star Trek: Picard. Born in India but raised in both Nigeria and South Africa, Ayushi Chhabra stars as the alien “Pel” alongside acting veterans Sir Patrick Stewart and Alison Pill.

Chhabra’s role in the first season of the show was a major departure from previous work and required her to go through hours of intense hair and make-up to transform her into the pregnant character.

Ayushi Chhabra Star Trek
Indian actor and model Ayushi Chhabra chats to Newsbreak on landing a role in the hit U.S. television series Star Trek: Picard.

In 2010, Ayushi Chhabra made her debut appearance in Lenasia working with the Gandhi Walk Committee as a brand ambassador for the 25th Annual Gandhi Walk. A former Miss India SA in Gauteng herself, the scene was already set back then that she was destined for much bigger things and the decision was taken together with her parents for her to move abroad to pursue her interest and a career in the Performing Arts and Modelling.

Chhabra spoke to Newsbreak Lotus FM who found out what it was like to work on such a massive television series project. She also revealed the difficulties of living abroad and the impact that the coronavirus has inflicted on the global entertainment industry.

Some of her commercial modelling work includes campaigns for some of the world’s leading brands, including Google, Apple, Samsung, Facebook, Snapchat, Emirates Airlines (USA) and Tea India.

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