Newborn Baby Recovers From Covid-19 Virus

INDIA NEWS: Certain sections of the population (children and the elderly) are more vulnerable to COVID-19 than the rest. However, many senior citizens have recovered from the disease in the past few weeks. Another ray of hope is in the form of a newborn successfully beating the virus in Madhya Pradesh.

According to News18, a 20-day-old infant tested positive on May 1 and was admitted to Choithram Hospital in Indore. On May 9, she was discharged after tested negative twice.

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Business Insider quoted senior paediatrician, Dr. Rashmi Shad saying,

“The 20-day-old girl was admitted to the hospital on May 1 and discharged on May 9. She contracted the infection from a close relative. But, what is surprising is that her mother, who stood by her side round-the-clock, did not catch the infection.”

She added that 20 other kids below 2 years of age are now virus-free. Dr. Ravi Dosi, head of chest disease department at Sri Aurobindo Institute of Medical Sciences (SAIMS) said that 18 children admitted to their facility have also recovered.

He was quoted saying, “It was an altogether different experience for me to see such small children admitted in the COVID-19 ward. They defeated the disease with the help of medicines and their strong immunity. I can’t describe in words my happiness when I saw these children going home from the hospital with their delighted mothers.”

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A big shout out to all the strong moms who wore masks, protective gear and continued to breastfeed their babies during treatment.

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