Chatsworth Man Covid-19 Death Rattles Community

NEWS: A Chatsworth man who contracted the coronavirus almost seven weeks ago has died at a Durban hospital succumbing to the disease. Reports of his death last night, 19 May 2020 went viral on social media leaving local community organisations and residents of Chatsworth in shock.

The man, a father of two, was taken to Grey’s hospital in Pietermaritzburg where he had been placed on a ventilator following respiratory issues. South Africa is reportedly expected to face a crisis due to a shortage of ICU beds when the Covid-19 peaks wreaking havoc expected to claim at least 40,000 lives. A team of experts who have been providing the health department with multiple coronavirus scenarios say that this could occur in the coming months. In a webinar on Tuesday evening experts say that the country is likely to see 30,000 confirmed cases of Covid-19 infections by the end of May, and an estimated 475 people will have lost the fight to the virus during this period.

In a press statement, Visvin Reddy, the national co-ordinator of community organisation AMSA stated,

“Up until now, almost two months after the outbreak of the virus, the only person known to me that had tested positive for the virus was this gentleman. The rest was news of infections and deaths that we receive from the media and statements from authorities. His death makes the Covid virus real and brings it closer to home. We realize that there are people who die from this virus.

According to a presentation made to the Command Council by Dr Silal, it is expected that over 40 000 South Africans will die of the Virus and related complications by November this year. Almost one million people, according to Silal, will be infected.

It is a fact that more South Africans will get the virus and many will die from it. Soon more people we know, family and friends, will start getting infected and may die. It’s quite scary.

“Now that Schools are to open on June 1, and lockdown rules are being eased, the figures of those who contract the virus will rise exponentially. Those who call for an end to the Lockdown must be aware of the implications of such a decision,” said Reddy.

Currently, South Africa has 17,200 confirmed cases, with the death toll standing at 312.

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