Husband Threatens Suicide As Wife’s Food Lacks Spice

INDIA NEWS: As the effect of lockdown continues for millions globally, there are bound to be arguments at home between couples. With a global spike in the number of domestic violence cases, there are many who are experiencing mental health issues.

According to the Ahmedabad Mirror, a man threatened to jump off the 3rd-floor balcony of a building after having a fight with his wife over spicy food. The incident took place in an apartment complex in Chandkheda, Ahmedabad.

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A police official said, “It was a fight between husband and the wife with the husband wanting the food to be spicier. This led to a heated exchange and the husband threatened to jump down the balcony.”

“No complaint has been filed,” added the police inspector.

In a video that has gone viral, the man is seen hanging from the balcony while holding the railing from the outside. Later, a few others, reportedly neighbours, are seen pulling him back.

Watch the video here:

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While the lockdown is indeed a difficult time for everyone, we hope for better sense to prevail among people and not risk their lives over insignificant issues!

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