Yudhika Sujanani Harassed Amid Lockdown At Holi Cow

NEWS: Celebrity South African chef and businesswoman, Yudhika Sujanani, took to social media on Thursday evening after an incident of harassment occurred at her deli, Holi Cow in Fourways, Gauteng.

Speaking to Indian Spice, the 43-year-old Sujanani who is pregnant with her third child, reveals how two men attempted to push their luck with her after closing hours, in line with the current lockdown restrictions imposed. The two suspects, who have visited the deli previously, arrived at the establishment after closing time expecting Holi Cow staff to take their food orders. Sujanani then explained to them that Holi Cow is unable to operate like any other takeaway food business and had to repeat this explanation to the men who refused to back down. What followed was a series of threats and vulgar abuse hurled against the pregnant Sujanani who asked them to leave immediately. One of the men told Sujanani to ‘remember his face’ and that he would put her under pressure. Sujanani then informed the two men that the entire incident was recorded on camera as they left Holi Cow.

Yudhika Sujanani Holi Cow
The two suspects caught on camera who attempted to threaten and harass Holi Cow staff on Thursday afternoon, May 21, 2020. | Image Source: Holi Cow Facebook

Sujanani took to her Holi Cow Facebook page sharing her harrowing incident in an attempt to warn fellow businesses and to also identify the two men, she wrote,

These two men arrived at Holi cow at around 17h15 this evening and were informed the store was closed. They have been at the store before and were informed orders need to be placed and we were not operating as a walk-in takeaway. The ordering process was explained. I also explained this is not a takeaway where you can place an order and wait for us to prepare a meal.

At 5.15pm we still had a veggie delivery coming through and a delivery of cream – yes, cream is something I struggle to find during the lockdown. I had to repeat the ordering procedure to these two men and informed them once again that we could not serve them. I was then told by these two men that they were checking on my business and ‘travelling the country’ to do just this – ‘watching businesses’. They apparently are not asking for free meals and don’t like my attitude – it’s not an attitude but the store was closed. I was told that I wasn’t allowed to have ‘my door’ let alone my gate open to receive deliveries. After refusing to serve them, I was told to remember the man’s face because he would ‘put me under pressure’. I told both men to leave the store which was met with obscenities as they walked away. I informed these men there were cameras and the exchange was recorded. No identification was shown – if anyone recognizes the men in the picture or the car with further details, kindly get in touch with me at the Holi Cow. The vehicle has a NUR registration plate. The team and I will not be subjected to threats nor will behaviour like this be tolerated at Holi Cow.

*This exchange was recorded so it’s not a misunderstanding or a he said, she said sort of situation.

Yudhika Sujanani, Holi Cow Facebook

Sujanani shared these photos of the suspects warning the public and other businesses about her experience.

Yudhika Sujanani Holi Cow
Yudhika Sujanani Holi Cow
The two men arrived at Holi Cow in a red Mustang GT bearing NUR registration plates.
Yudhika Sujanani Holi Cow
Yudhika Sujanani Holi Cow
Holi Cow

Sujanani intends opening a case with the South African police for further investigation.

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