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A woman alleging price hikes at the iconic family business, B. Nagiah's Butchers sparks legal action and R10,000 cash reward for her identity.

B. Nagiah’s Defends Family Business Over Woman’s Fake Claims

NEWS: A Joburg woman who made claims against B. Nagiah’s over a pocket of potatoes is to face legal action from B. Nagiah’s Butchers for “reputational damage and financial loss”. A reward of R10,000 is being offered to the public by the owner to identify the woman in the video for prosecution.

On May 22, in a viral video shared on Whatsapp on Friday, an unidentified woman from Gauteng, goes on to make claims she purchased a pocket of up-to-date (UTD) potatoes from the Randburg branch of B. Nagiah’s Butchers. She goes on to explain that after cooking the vegetable for a meal that she discovered that it was not up-to-date (UTD) quality. She then makes further allegations against the well-known family business, claiming that the bag of potatoes labelled as up-to-date (UTD) with a sticker against the real quality of the pack. The woman continues to say the price paid was expensive and expresses her unhappiness in the video. She also shows off a B. Nagiah’s till slip along with a pocket of potatoes allegedly purchased at the Randburg branch.

Indian Spice reached out to B. Nagiah’s for comment around the claims made by the disgruntled woman. Responding to the matter, customer care representative at B. Nagiahs head office was Tamain Collette Pillay who stated that allegations made by the woman in the video are ‘damaging and unfounded’.

“The woman in the video has not reached out to B. Nagiah’s customer care nor have we managed to identify her just yet”, said Pillay.

B. Nagiah’s also provided us with store footage for the past week, along with photos of the Forest Log brand of potatoes that was stocked , are actually up-to-date (UTD). Pillay also stated that B. Nagiah’s Butchers will be taking the legal route to demand ‘financial loss and reputational damage’ costs from the woman for making unfounded ‘claims’ on social media.

B. Nagiah’s prides itself as a 100-year-old family business that strives to serve our family of customers with the best quality in food products. We have investigated the claims made by the woman and can confirm that the brand of potatoes the woman alludes to is NOT a brand sold by our stores on that particular day.

Tamain Collette Pillay, B. Nagiah’s Customer Care

In an official statement made on social media, B. Nagiah’s has denied the claims by the unknown woman and has offered a cash reward of R10,000 to the public for information that will lead to the prosecution of the woman.

“Keyboard warriors should not engage in naming and shaming”, says social media law specialist, Verlie Oosthuizen.

B Nagiahs Statement
A woman making claims against the iconic family business, B. Nagiah’s Butchers sparks legal action and a whopping R10,000 cash reward for her identity.

Quite recently, TimesLIVE reported a story about a Joburg man who faced legal action for damages up to R3 million rands for making unfounded claims against another local supermarket. The Robertsham resident had made unfounded claims against Superspar Xavier who took the legal route to protect their brand.

Having apologised to the attorney on Facebook Messenger and removed the offending post, Mohammed asked the attorney why the letter had been sent.

“I just raised my concerns in these trying times … ” he protested.

“I won’t even see that money in my lifetime,”

Mohammed later told TimesLIVE.

A sales rep, Mohammed said he was frustrated at the time of posting his comments as he hadn’t yet been paid for March and he needed to buy provisions for his three young children, including a nine-month-old baby.

“I realise now it was irresponsible,” he said. “I have no evidence of what I claimed.”


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