Global Film Festival ‘We Are One’ Watch Here

Starting today, between May 29 and June 7, this first-of-its-kind festival will feature over 100 films over ten days co-curated by 21 leading festivals, in addition to talks, VR content and musical performances.

Here are our recommendations:

Annecy Shorts for Families: Bird Karma, Bilby, Marooned

29 May, 7 am EST

Tribeca 2020 Shorts Program: Egg, The Light Side, TOTO, When I Write it, Motorcycles Drive By, No More Wings, Cru-Raw – 29 May, 05.15 pm EST

Eeb Allay Ooo

30 May, 7am EST

Prateek Vats’s feature about a young contract worker hired to chase monkeys by imitating their sound.

Claire Denis in conversation with Olivier Assayas

30 May, 1.15pm EST

Acclaimed French filmmakers, Claire Denis and Olivier Assayas discuss the state of film art today. The conversation is fascinating and unexpected: it presents not only one of many possible narratives of the festival but also a vibrant picture of cinema.

Cinema Café with Jane Campion and Tessa Thompson

May 31, 1:45 p.m. EST

This conversation was recorded live from the Sundance Film Festival.

Best Animated Short Films Rigo Mora Award: The Cats, Cerulia, 32-RBIT – June 1, 12.30EST

Tribeca Talks: Alejandro Iñárritu with Marina Abramović

June 1, 11.45 am EST

The Academy Award-winning filmmaker Iñárritu talks with Abramović, a renowned performance artist, about his celebrated movies.


June 2, 12.15 pm EST

A restoration by the BFI National Archive. This movie is directed by Franz Osten and features an Indian cast of Himansu Rai, Enakshi Rama Rau and Seeta Devi.

The Epic of Everest

June 4, 5 pm EST

Shooting with a hand-cracked camera in brutally harsh conditions, Captain John Noel accompanied George Mallory and Andrew Irvine as they made their third attempt to climb Everest. The documentary, restored by the BFI National Archive, showcase the landscape’s breathtaking beauty and life in Tibet at that time.

Conversation: Ang Lee and Hirokazu Kore-eda

June 5, 05.30 pm EST

Nine-time Oscar-winner Ang Lee and Palme d’Or winner Hirokazu Kore-eda (Shoplifters) discuss the state of film art today.Nasir Nasir is helmed by Arun Karthick.


June 6, 9.30 am EST

Arun Karthick’s sophomore feature applies subtle expressionism to an ordinary day in the life of Nasir, a middle-aged salesman, and stays quietly observational until nationalist bigotry disrupts the routine.


June 7, 11:55 am EST

Mati Diop’s 2009 richly textured documentary and precursor to her much-acclaimed debut feature Atlantics.

The Iron Hammer

June 7, 4:30 pm EST

Director Joan Chen’s charts the inspiring life and career of ‘Jenny’ Lang Ping, a fearless volleyball star and coach.

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