Top 20 Indian Web Series On Youtube

We have all embraced the streaming platform culture, but to access all the content that’s available on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and many other platforms, we need to shell out money. Here comes YouTube to save the day. YouTube hosts some of the best web series in the Indian content space, and you can watch all of it without any subscription.

Although some Indian web series have migrated to different apps or services, the shows that are streaming on YouTube still have a huge audience. The number of views, comments, likes, dislikes can be seen by all so unlike the fancy platforms, there’s nothing to hide here.

Here are 20 Indian web series that you can watch on YouTube:

1. Kota Factory

Kota Factory is set in the student city of Kota where we follow the story of 16-year-old Vaibhav, who is preparing for his IIT exams. Jitendra Kumar played the friendly teacher Jeetu Bhaiya here. Created by TVF, the show has five episodes.

2. What The Folks

What The Folks is the story of a husband and wife and their experiences with their respective in-laws. The ever-evolving relationships of a family, the changing dynamics between siblings, parents, and even husband and wife are beautifully explored here. Created by Dice Media, the show has had three seasons until now with a total of 16 episodes.

3. Please Find Attached

This mini-series is just a tale of sweet nothings shared between two colleagues who share a beautiful bond. With the entire story getting wrapped up in three episodes with a run time of 20-minutes each, this is just the kind of content that makes us stick to YouTube over everything else.

4. Soulmates

This 10-episode series features conversations between the two lead characters. The structure of the series is quite similar to the film Before Sunrise, not really in terms of the plot but the way their conversation flows. The show is quite binge-worthy as the characters and the conversations are quite engaging.

5. Better Life Foundation

Way before The Office was adapted in India, Better Life Foundation gave us an idea as to how an Indian version would be. While Better Life Foundation doesn’t really borrow anything from the Ricky Gervais/Steve Carell show, it’s quite spot on with its comedy. This is a 5-episode series.

6. Home Sweet Office

This 5-episode series centers around two sisters who operate a wedding videography business. The show is easily watchable and is just the kind of content that you would casually watch on YouTube.

7. Star Boyz

Star Boyz released almost four years ago, and till date, it is one of the funniest shows on YouTube. With Kenny Sebastian and Naveen Richards, the show has minimum production value, and with the comedy that’s at play here, it looks quite intentional. Star Boyz has six episodes.

8. Mom & Co

This 10-episode web series starring Neelima Azim focuses on a mother-son relationship. It explores the story of how a mother and son have drifted apart over the years and brings them back together in a binding story.

9. Bachelors

Bachelors is one of TVF’s most popular shows. Here, we see a group of bachelors deal with their problems like cooking and finding a job, but with a filmy theme. Baahubali, Dangal, Lagaan, Chak De India and many other films are parodied to provide substance to the episode’s theme. The show has had two seasons with a total of nine episodes.

10. Cubicles

Set inside a corporate office, Cubicles is the story of a fresher at work. The first job, first salary, first love and many more firsts confront the lead character as he tries to adult while being surrounded by friends and some interesting colleagues. Cubicles has five episodes.

11. Adulting

This DICE Media series is a coming-of-age story of two women who share an apartment in Mumbai. Like many contemporary series, this too is a coming of age story, and as the name suggests, the women here are trying to transition to adulthood in the smoothest possible way. Adulting has had two seasons so far with a total of 10 episodes.

12. Operation MBBS

Revolving around three first-year MBBS students, this series is set inside a medical college. While most web series cash in on the engineering college nostalgia, Operation MBBS takes a different route and talks about the extreme academic pressure that MBBS students face. Operation MBBS has five episodes.

13. Minus One

This six-episode series is the story of Riya and Varun who were once deeply in love. They shared a life and a house but now, have broken up. Despite the break-up, circumstances force them to share the house as they transition from lovers to exes to friends.

14. Happily Ever After

This Naveen Kasturia-led series is quite popular with the actor’s fans. Happily Ever After is the story of a couple as they try to plan their perfect wedding. Obstacles like budget, families, relationship troubles come in the way of their dreams, and they have to find a way to get to the other side. The series has eight episodes.

15. The Reunion

In this nine-episode series, we see a group of friends who have gotten together years after finishing high school. Dynamics and relationships that they once shared have changed massively in the years since, but their teenage friendships still tie them together.

16. Girl in the City

Girl in the City was one of the earlier series done by Mithila Palkar. Here, her character moves to Mumbai to achieve her dream of being a fashion designer but isn’t prepared for the harsh life of the city. Over the course of three seasons, we see her come into her own as she tries to establish her business while dealing with some brutal competitors and a confusing love life. This series has a total of 39 episodes.

17. Little Things

Yes, we all know that Little Things is now a Netflix show but the first season of the show is still available on YouTube. In my opinion, the first one is still the best season of the show that explores the sweet nothings of a modern-day urban relationship. The first season has five episodes.

18. The Trip

Way before Veere Di Wedding, The Trip was presented as the perfect bachelorette trip inspiration. Here, four childhood friends get together just before a marriage, and let loose on the beaches of Thailand. This was followed by a second season too. The two seasons have a total of 20 episodes.

19. Official Chukyagiri/CEOgiri

This Sunny Kaushal starrer started as the story of an intern who gets sucked into office politics. He also has to deal with a strong boss played by Aahana Kumra. This was followed up by a second season-cum-spin off Official CEOgiri, which was led by Sumeet Vyas.

20. Bang Baajaa Baaraat

This Y Films show was one of the earlier big-budget shows on the web space. The story follows a couple, who come from different backgrounds, and the experiences they encounter as they plan their wedding. The show has five episodes.

Other hit shows like Permanent Roommates, Pitchers, Yeh Meri Family among more which premiered on YouTube earlier are not available on the video platform anymore but can be viewed on their makers’ website.

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