Woman Hacks Ex Boyfriend’s Netflix Account Impresses Stream Giant

TRENDING NEWS: Everyone pretty much has shared their Netflix password with someone and that has led to a network of others using someone’s account. While, in most cases, we might be aware of the multiple users of the account, people sometimes employ tricks to disguise their true profiles. Now, a hack used by a woman is winning the internet, and even Netflix is impressed!

Twitter user @yellowgengar2 recently shared a homepage screenshot of his Netflix account saying he knew his brother’s ex had been using their account but the level of intelligence she flaunted in doing so didn’t make him angry but left him impressed. “My brothers ex had been stealing our Netflix for the past two months now by disguising her account as “settings” and honestly I ain’t even mad,” he wrote.

As the profile picture displayed the ‘loading’ symbol, the man didn’t find it suspicious for two whole months. Disappointed, the man admitted he was sad because he actually believed that an account named ‘settings’ would legitimately be Netflix settings. The tweet garnered a lot of attention online, getting over 1.7 lakh likes and nearly 50,000 responses.

While many called her ‘legend’ and ‘queen’, the streaming company too was impressed with the hack and commented “respect” on the thread. And as the tweet went viral, many shared similar experiences, while few tried the same hack and furnished proofs online.

Earlier, another Netflix account sharing story went viral when a person shared his details with his boss and later shared how it ended the wrong way.

What do you think about this hack for using someone else streaming account?

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