Ajay Devgn Sponsors Ventilators & Oxygen Cylinders To Mumbai Hospital

Bollywood actor, Ajay Devgn, provides support to those affected by coronavirus pandemic paying for oxygen cylinders and ventilators for a quarantine facility.

NEWS: Bollywood actor, Ajay Devgn, has stepped forward to provide support to those affected by coronavirus pandemic. The actor has paid for oxygen cylinders and ventilators to be used in a quarantine facility being set up in Mumbai’s Dharavi. The congested area has reported over 1500 cases and the numbers are still increasing.

According to a Mumbai Mirror report, Kiran Dighavkar, assistant municipal commissioner of G-North, said, “We told him we needed oxygen cylinders for all 200 beds and two portable ventilators. He readily agreed to pay for them.”

Ajay Devgn made the contribution through Ajay Devgn Films Foundation. He had earlier provided ration kits for 700 families in Dharavi. On 27 May, the actor had called for donations in a tweet, and had written, “Dharavi is at the epicentre of the Covid19 outbreak.Many citizens supported by MCGM are working tirelessly on ground through NGOs to provide the needy with ration & hygiene kits. We at ADFF are helping 700 families.I urge you to also donate.”

The 200-bed facility, constructed in 15 days, will house four doctors, 12 nurses and 20 ward attendants, and will be only used for COVID-19 patients.

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Stay at home if you feel unwell. If you have a fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical attention and call in advance. Follow the directions of your local health authority during the coronavirus crisis. 

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