Delhi Family Adopts 70-YO Abandoned By Son

INDIA NEWS: Indian journalist Barkha Dutt reported a story of a 70-year-old woman, now popularly known as Leelavati Dadi, who was kicked out of the house and abandoned by her son amidst the lockdown. She was spotted sitting all alone at Bandra railway station in Mumbai, grabbing on to a pack of biscuits, in tears.

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Speaking to Barkha Dutt, the elderly woman revealed how her son was ill and hence, she travelled from Delhi to Mumbai to take care of him. Now, he has recovered and because of the lockdown, he kicked his mother out of the house after allegedly beating her 4 times.

She had no money and said that she would beg if need be. “Kya karu main?”, she kept on asking.

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A video of the interview was shared by Barkha Dutt and it immediately went viral on the internet. Have a look at the video here:

Dutt later tweeted how her after her report went viral, railway authorities placed her on a train back to Delhi where she was received by many kind people and a safe place for her to stay was being searched.

Soon, destiny came bearing good news! Kiran Verma, a social-entrepreneur living in Delhi, has adopted Leelavati Dadi and has pledged to take her responsibility.

“I am blessed with another grandmother,” Verma wrote on Twitter.

Kiran Verma informed that Leelavati Dadi underwent a COVID-19 test and they are waiting for the reports. For her safety and others, Leelavati Dadi is being kept indoors.

In a video, Kiran Verma says:

“She (Leelavati) is going to live with us at our home. I and my wife are going to look after her. We just started a crowdfunding campaign for her as well where we are targetting Rs 10 lakh which we will spend only for her. She will be free to use that fund to start a new life.”

Watch the video capturing Leelavati Dadi’s journey from Mumbai to Delhi here:

We wish Leelavati Dadi a happy life ahead and are grateful to Kiran Verma and his family for helping her at this crucial hour. Kudos!

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