Durban Woman Recovering From Horrific Injuries

NEWS: Danielle Maistry, a final-year business administration student, is now recovering in Inkosi Albert Luthuli Hospital after a dramatic rescue by South African police. Maistry was allegedly held hostage by her boyfriend, Ryle Steenkamp who has been arrested. TimesLIVE reports, images of Maistry’s horrific injuries were posted on social media just hours after she was rescued, sparking outrage in Mariannridge in Pinetown.

Her mother, Michelle Maistry, told TimesLIVE that when she got to the flat, she could not believe her eyes.

“Apparently neighbours called the police. Someone then called my 18-year-old son. He woke me up, shouting that Dani was dying. I got into my car and raced there. My child … her eyes were swollen shut. There was blood everywhere. Her hair was matted with blood. She was slouched on the couch.”

She got her daughter into her car and drove to St Mary’s Hospital.

“I was shaking so badly but I had to get her there. I couldn’t even look in her direction without wanting to scream. I thought my child was going to die.”

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