Chatsworth Evangelist Apologizes For Hate Preaching

Revival Ministries' evangelist Simeone Bradley Chetty of Chatsworth who sparked the fury of South Africans for Hinduphobic and Islamophobic comments has apologised.

DURBAN NEWS: Revival Ministries’ evangelist Simeone Bradley Chetty of Chatsworth, south of Durban who sparked the fury of South Africans for Hinduphobic and Islamophobic comments has apologised. The former Hindu who converted to Christianity issued two apologies over the weekend following the viral video, where his inflammatory comments, angered social media users.

Chetty shared his first apology across social media, this sparked thousands of comments and reactions rejecting his apology.

He said,

I, Simeone Bradley Chetty humbly apologize to the community and all religious bodies unequivocally. I shared my personal testimony publicly and accept it has caused outrage. This was an individual decision, it does not reflect my local church.

I place on record It was never my intention to offend members of other faiths as I do understand it was misrepresented in my presentation.
This was due to me being very zealous about how the Lord Jesus Christ has brought about a miraculous transformation in my life. Please, I humbly ask you all to forgive me. I am truly sorry.

Thank you.

Chetty then published a video on his Facebook page, apologizing for his actions. The evangelist admits the contents of the video were offensive and directed his apology to religious bodies and the greater community at large. Chetty also distanced his actions from the Revival Ministries church, to which he is affiliated to, stating that a disciplinary action has been taken against him.

Chetty closes off his apology promising a comeback on social media soon, watch the video here:

The Revival Ministries church of Chatsworth nor has Chetty responded to questions from Indian Spice relating to the actions of Chetty.

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