Dance Guru Vasugi Singh Publishes Book on Bharatanatyam in South Africa

South African Vasugi Singh with her dance furu Shyamala Mohanraj.

SABC NEWS: In our 1860 commemoration this week, we look into the history of the Indian classical dance in South African. How did the ancient Indian art of dance come to South Africa, evolved and continues to create social cohesion in many communities for almost two centuries? Bharatanatyam is the oldest classical dance tradition that hails from India. The based foundations of this ancient Indian dance is laid out in texts of the Natya Shastra.

Singh’s foray into bharatanatyam sparked off in 1973 while on a trip to Chennai (Madras), at the age of 18 with her father, the late Jugadheesan R. Devar. This was the turning moment that led Singh to her dance guru, Shyamala Mohanraj.

This November 2020 marks 160 years since the indentured-Indian labourer arrived onto the shores of Natal. Newsbreak Lotus FM chats to Vasugi Singh who is an Indian classical dancer and author of the new book “Bharathanatyam, an ancient Indian classical dance, a journey from India to South Africa.”

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