SA Hindu Maha Sabha Condemns Attack On Hinduism

Chatsworth Revival Ministries evangelist to face the music as Hindu religious body takes action for Hinduphobia.

NEWS: The South African Hindu Maha Sabha intends taking action against the Chatsworth evangelist and the church he represents for Hinduphobic comments made in a viral video. Chetty made utterances against the Hindu and Muslim community where he denigrated the two faiths.

The evangelist had contravened the lockdown regulations by hosting a public Christian-religious gathering in Chatsworth, where sentiments of Hindus and Muslims were disrespected. The video, shared on his Facebook page had gone viral with comments and reactions from the greater South African community flooded social media timelines.

The South African Hindu religious organization issued a statement on social media earlier today, condemning the attack on the Hindu faith, the statement reads,

The South African Hindu Maha Sabha strongly condemn the unwarranted and vicious attack on Hinduism by Simeon Bradley Chetty. We are lodging a formal complaint against both Mr. Chetty and the Church he represents, and have taken the necessary steps to remove the video from Facebook.

The South African Hindu Maha Sabha notes the retraction and the unconditional apology that has been made and cautions others that Hindus will not tolerate this kind of behaviour from anyone.

SA Hindu Maha Sabha, Facebook
SA Hindu Maha Sabha, Facebook

The South African Hindu Maha Sabha has acknowledged the retraction of the video by Chetty and his unconditional apology. The Hindu religious body also iterated that “Hindus will not tolerate this kind of behavior from anyone.”

Revival Ministries remain silent

The Chatsworth Revival Ministries church has ignored all requests for comment on the incident, given the fact, Chetty is a member of their religious body. Chetty issued an apology this past weekend, which has been not been accepted by the public, who are calling for strong action to be taken against him.

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