Anti-Hindu Slurs Inside Revival Ministries Church

Reverend Llewellyn Joseph of Chatsworth makes anti-Hindu comments on social media referring to Hindu gods as curses and spirits especially during kavady season.

NEWS: Another religious spat between the Hindu faith and Christian worshippers has emerged as another video sparks the furore of netizens. Dr Allen Joseph of the Revival Ministries church of Chatsworth, south of Durban published a video on social media site Facebook where his son, the Reverend Llewellyn Joseph is heard making anti-Hindu comments during a church service.

In the latest development, the anti-Hindu sentiment sparked by members of the Revival Ministries church of Chatsworth, lead to multiple charges and complaints lodged with various regulation bodies by organizations and citizens. read that news story here

The reverend is heard referring to Hindu gods as ‘curses and spirits’ that promote fear and envelope homes especially during the religious festival worship of Thaipoosam kavady. Now in the latest video shared on February 3rd, 2020, the father-son duo is seen blessing worshippers and in the first few seconds of the video clip, the Reverend Llewellyn Joseph is heard saying,

“The fear, that that curse or those spirits are working in and through your home, and every time when it comes along that Kavadi time, the previous time, you just feel the heaviness come upon your family and your home. “

Reverend LE Joseph, Revival Ministries

Reverend Joseph makes anti-Hindu comments referring to the annal Kavadi season of religious worship where the Hindu god Muruga is revered by millions globally in a month-long period of fasting and prayer.

Watch the video here

Video has been edited to protect identities of church members.

Netizens react following the contents of Dr Allen Joseph’s video

South African Hindus just got over hate-preacher, Simeon Bradley Chetty’s incident of Hinduphobia and now the latest video has sparked further outcry

Anti Hindu Revival Ministries  Llewllyn Joseph
Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

In a previous video, evangelist Simeon Bradley Chetty of the same church, Revival Ministries, had uttered anti-Hindu slurs against followers of Hinduism. That incident led to widespread condemnation from South Africa’s Hindu community leading and religious leaders who are leading a charge against Chetty and the church of Dr Allen Joseph.

Revival Ministries and Dr Allen Joseph have not responded it Indian Spice request for comment on the issue.

UPDATE: The original video published on Dr Allen Joseph’s page was taken down soon after the publication of this news story.

Revival Ministries  Llewllyn Joseph
Dr Allen Joseph removes video from his social media soon after Indian Spice news story on the video.

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