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Hindu Maha Sabha Lodges Complaint With SAHRC

NEWS: The South African Hindu Maha Sabha has for the second time hit back another recent viral video which denigrated the Hindu faith. Reverend Llewellyn Joseph of the Revival Ministries church of Chatsworth, south of Durban was heard comparing the Hindu festival of kavady as ‘curses and spirits’. This sparked a huge outcry from members of the Christian and Hindu community against the utterances made in the video published on Facebook by his father, Dr Allen Joseph.

The umbrella Hindu body issued a statement calling on Reverend Llewellyn Joseph and his father, Senior Pastor Dr Allen Joseph to ‘unconditionally’ retract the anti-Hindu remarks. The Maha Sabha has also lodged a formal complaint against the church with the South African Human Rights Commission, as well as filed a complaint with the social media platform, Facebook.

The statement published on the SA Hindu Maha Sabha Facebook page read,

The South African Hindu Maha Sabha strongly condemns another unwarranted and vicious attack by an alleged Rev. Joseph of Revival Ministries. We have lodged a formal complaint with Facebook and the South African Human Rights Commission.

We call upon the head of the Church Dr Joseph to unconditionally retract the remarks and apologise to the Hindu Community.

SAHMS, Facebook
SA Hindu Maha Sabha
SAHMS, Facebook

This will be the second complaint in the recent weeks that the South African Hindu Maha Sabha has lodged against the Revival Ministries church, as previously evangelist, Simeon Bradley Chetty of Revival Ministries church also made utterances that promoted an anti-Hindu stance.

In the previous video, evangelist Simeon Bradley Chetty of the same church, Revival Ministries, had uttered anti-Hindu slurs against followers of Hinduism. That incident led to widespread condemnation from South Africa’s Hindu community leading and religious leaders who are leading a charge against Chetty and the church of Dr Allen Joseph.

President of the Maha Sabha, Ashwin Trikamjee in his interview with Newsbreak Lotus condemned the matter against Simeon Bradley Chetty.

The matter relating to the evangelist Chetty is still pending an outcome while the church and its founder, Dr Allen Joseph have not responded to Indian Spice’s queries regarding the latest video incident.

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