Class Action Lawsuit Against Revival Ministries Instituted

NEWS: A class-action lawsuit has been instituted by the Hindu Association of South Africa (HINDASA) against Reverend Llewellyn Joseph and Dr Allen Joseph of Revival Ministries. Durban based attorney, Shamin Rampersad & Associates, is acting on behalf of HINDASA and allied South African Hindu organisations, filed a notice against the church. A legal notice has been addressed to the Revival Ministries organisation citing, the recent anti-Hindu incident that surfaced on Facebook, is the subject of the lawsuit demanding damages of up to 1 million rands.

The lawsuit entails seeking relief from the Equality Court, the South African Human Rights Commission, The High Court for the class action for damages as well as the Commission for the promotion and protection of the rights of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities (CRL). Reverend Llewellyn Joseph’s utterances in the video have been defined as hate speech prohibited in terms of section 10 of the Promotion of Equality and Prevention of Unfair Discrimination Act No 4 of 2000. The discriminatory utterances by Joseph to Hindus has been cited causing “the Hindu community and our client personal harm, mental and psychological pain.”

“The fear, that that curse or those spirits are working in and through your home, and every time when it comes along that Kavadi time, the previous time, you just feel the heaviness come upon your family and your home”

Reverend Llewellyn Joseph, Revival Ministries

The demand made by the Hindu body to the Revival Ministries church and their representatives to immediately “issue a written and irrevocable undertaking in which your organization and representatives declare that you shall forthwith refrain from the aforesaid conduct uttering negative, hateful and hurtful statements relating to the Hindu religion, faith, practices and community in its entirety.”

Also seeking relief from the Equality Court, the Hindu Association of South Africa (HINDASA) is demanding damages to the value of R1 000 000 (One Million Rands) be payable to the “Oliver and Adelaide Tambo Foundation” (OATF) or a Hindu “Religious Public Benefit Organisation” of the Hindu organisation’s choice, for the promotion of nonracialism, tolerance, reconciliation and social-economic upliftment in South

The Revival Ministries church, their management team and evangelist, Simeon Bradley Chetty have not responded to any queries by Indian Spice.

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