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Anupam Kher breaks down over the death of Sushant Singh Rajput revealing his early days as an outcast in Bollywood.

Anupam Kher On Being An Outcast In Bollywood

MENTAL HEALTH: The conversation around mental health has become the focus for millions as Sushant Singh Rajput‘s death leaves many unsettled. Also sparking debate is the dark side of Bollywood which has allegedly driven Rajput to end his life. In an IGTV video, Bollywood actor, Anupam Kher revealed his early days in the acting industry and how he was singled out. According to Hindustan Times, Anupam Kher recently posted a video on Instagram talking about how he has been treated as an outcast, has been bullied because of his appearance, and how his talent has been overlooked many a time.

He started by saying how SSR’s death has started an ‘outsider-insider’ dialogue. However, years ago when he came to Mumbai, it was the same. He revealed how he was bullied because he was bald, thin, and studied in a Hindi-medium school.

“39 years ago when I came to Mumbai, the same thing happened to me. ‘Arey ganja hai’, ‘Kekde jaisa patla hai’, ‘Hindi-medium school ka hai’, ‘Actor banne ke liye baal chahiye’, ‘Talent toh kisike paas bhi ho sakta hai’ – people used to say. You will always be surrounded by people who criticise you and bring you down. But doston, haarna nahi hai. Apne sapno ko beech mein chorna nahi hai.”

However, unlike many, Anupam Kher had a hopeful message to share. He urged people to seek help when they feel they are being pulled down, to stand tall again and chase their dreams. He claimed this would be a bigger tribute for an ‘outsider’ to give to Sushant.

“Maybe Sushant Singh Rajput was alone. He might have been in pain. We wouldn’t know. But what can be a bigger tribute to him than not giving up despite being an outsider? Our win will be our biggest tribute to him.”

Recalling his tough times, he revealed how there were days he slept inside the railway station. In those times, he remembered a saying by his grandfather, “Bheega hua aadmi baarish se nahin darta” (The man who is drenched does not fear the rain).

He ended the video on a positive note, reminding people that Mumbai is a very generous city and the film industry is filled with nice people who help others in their journey.

Watch the video here:

The past few days have only been a reminder of how success and fame aren’t as flowery as they seem!

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