Kangana Ranaut On Crushing Nepotism Lashes Out

NEWS: As Indian filmmaker Mukesh Bhatt comments in an interview he said he ‘saw it coming’ when it came to Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. He also stated that he feared the actor was ‘going the Parveen Babi way’. His commentary comments didn’t go well with many including India’s National award-winning actor Kangana Ranaut. In response to Bhatt, the furious Ranaut said in an interview, “Mukesh Bhatt is now claiming that Sushant was heading the ‘Parveen Babi Way’. But what they did to Parveen Babi, everybody remembers.” Zoom quoted her saying:

“Who is he to say that? Sushant was a rank holder; he also left a scholarship from Stanford University to pursue his dreams. Something that their (Bhatt) children cannot even think of.”

The actor added, “Tomorrow if their children hang themselves on the roof and somebody jumps up and comments that it just happened because they were becoming like Parveen Babi, I want to see how they feel about it.”

Talking about her connection with Sushant, Hindustan Times quoted her saying, “Sushant and I had never interacted, at least I don’t remember it particularly. But we had many close friends like Sandip Ssingh and Kamal Jain. There were many people who were so close to Sushant. I pretty much knew what was going on in his life because they were very fond of him and very close to him. In fact, when this news came to me, I immediately called Kamal Ji and I asked, ‘Kamal Ji, what happened, do you know anything?”

She recalls how their mutual friend Kamal had told her that Sushant was very disturbed. “He mentioned that he had never spoken like that before. He had told Kamal Ji: ‘Make a big film with me yaar. I’ve given ‘Chhicchore’, I’ve given a hit film but I still don’t have any big films. I don’t’ have the work I want.’ Kamal Ji assured him to do something together once the lockdown is lifted. They were supposed to meet on Thursday, but then this happened.”

“So, clearly, he was anxious about work and he was anxious about the way people have cornered him.”

She further said that Sushant had a certain attitude and he didn’t like sucking up to people. Some time ago Kangana had also posted a video on her social media calling Sushant’s suicide a ‘planned murder’ by B-town.

Here’s the video:

Well, the real reason behind Sushant’s demise remains unknown. But it has also made us realise how important it is to take care of our mental health.

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