Sonu Nigam Slams Bhushan Kumar And Armaan Malik

NEWS: Indian vocalist and musician, Sonu Nigam slams 6 singers including Armaan Malik who refuted his claims against the Indian music industry. The singer also raged against T-Series chairman, Bhushan Kumar, warning him to not attempt to defame him. The new vlog by Nigam, is just days after his previous video, where he revealed his experience of being an Indian artist at the mercy of just two music record labels, for a shot at stardom. The Indian singer also appealed to music labels to be kind to young talent if they do not wish to see any suicides in the music industry too.

Nigam took to the social media platform, Facebook, in a new vlog titled titled “Laaton ke MAFIA baaton se nahi maante”, the singer warned Bhushan Kumar against maligning his name. “Now, I need to take Bhushan Kumar’s name. You’ve instigated the wrong person. You forgot that time when you came to my home and pleaded me to do one album for you, pleaded me to introduce you to Subrata Roy, Smita Thackeray, Bal Thackeray… Pleaded me to save you from Abu Salem. Do you remember all this? I’m warning you not to engage with me in any manner. Hope you remember Marina Kuwar. I don’t know why she backed out, though the media knows. That’s how mafia functions. I still have her video. Now if you mess with me, I will post that video on my YouTube channel. Don’t you dare mess with me,” Sonu said to Bhushan Kumar in the video.

Watch Sonu Nigam’s vlog here

Nigam’s revelations come at the time as people come to terms with the death of actor, Sushant Singh Rajput, who committed suicide at the age of 34.

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