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Maha Sabha Denounces Religious Mockery

NEWS: The recent spate of religious mockery, that has plagued South African Indians, has had the South African Hindu Maha Sabha issue another statement. This follows after outrage against the Facebook group, SA Hindu’s AGAINST CONversion lies, had denigrated followers of Christianity and Islam with offensive posts.

In a statement shared on the social media platform, Facebook, the Hindu body iterated their stance against slander and hate against any faith and followers. The organisation called for unity and social cohesion among people given the coronavirus pandemic that is sweeping the globe.

Read their statement here,

The South African Hindu Maha Sabha does not promote or support the slander and hate that is spreading on social media against other faiths and their followers. Such utterances are uncalled for and can only lead to fragmentation and undermine social cohesion in a country that needs unity now more than ever.

Vasudhaiva Kutumbukam – the world is one family!

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In relation to the anti-Hindu incidents involving Revival Ministries and evangelist, Simeon Bradley Chetty, the South African Hindu organisation advised the public, “We don’t have any feedback at this point. Please keep an eye on our social media pages for future updates.”

Source: SAHMS Facebook

While the SA Hindu Maha Sabha awaits feedback on the pending matters from the SA Council of Churches, a class-action lawsuit has been instituted against Reverend Llewellyn Joseph and Dr Allen Joseph of Revival Ministries. Durban based attorney, Shamin Rampersad & Associates, is acting on behalf of the Hindu Association of South Africa (HINDASA).

The Revival Ministries church, their management team and evangelist, Simeon Bradley Chetty have not responded to any queries by Indian Spice.

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