Sushant’s Father Breaks His Silence

NEWS: The father of Sushant Singh Rajput, KK Singh has finally broken his silence over the death of his actor son. Singh revealed in a recent interview how Sushant had became withdrawn and reclusive over the past few years apart from his plans to get married in 2021. Republic TV quoted him saying, “Pehele toh sab bolta tha par last me kya hua, usne bataya nahi. Bohot mannat maang ke paida hua tha Sushant. 3 saal mannat maangi thi uske liye. 4 ladkiyon main ek ladka tha. Aur jinke liye itni mannat maangte hain unke sath yahi hota hai.” (We prayed for him a lot, for 3 years. He was our only son after 4 girls.)

KK Singh also added that Sushant’s ex-girlfriend, Ankita Lokhande, not only visited them in Mumbai, but she came down to Patna as well. “Ha wo aayi bhi thi, Bombay bhi aayi thi aur Patna bhi aayi thi.”

When questioned about Ankita-Sushant break-up, he said, “Yeh toh sanjog hai, jo hona hota hai hota hai.” According to Times Of India, Singh claimed that Ankita was the only girl in his son’s life that he knew of. However, he said that he met Kriti Sanon at his funeral, who immensely praised Sushant.

Opening up about Sushant’s wedding plans, his father said, “Iss par baat hui thi, usne bola tha ki Corona me toh nahi, fir uske baad ek film aa rahi hai, wo karlenge, uske baad February-March mein dekhte hai karenge. Yehi last baat hui thi uske sath meri.” (We had spoken about it earlier. He had told me that not while Coronavirus persists, but after his film releases, he will plan about it in around February-March. This was the last conversation we had about his marriage.) He further added, “We told him he should get married to a girl of his choice as he has to spend his life with her.”

Many people in B-town had said that Sushant succumbed to industry pressure. Speaking about this, his dad said, “Ho sakta hai, filmy duniya mein ho sakta hai. Kuch bhi ho sakta hai. Hota hi hai, agar kisi ko dikhta hai bohot aage badhta hai, to kuch kar do. Hota hi hoga. (It could have happened. It can happen in the film industry. Anything can happen there. If someone sees he’s being successful, they might have thought let’s do something with him.)

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