Shrivani Madhan Reunites With Family After Kidnap Ordeal

A frantic search for a dog by Raisethorpe resident Shrivani Madhan quickly turned into a case of abduction has ended on a positive note after the 28-year-old was found and reunited with her family and her dog Chloe. The incident quickly went viral on social media and Whatsapp with various posts seeking assistance from the public to locate the whereabouts of Shrivani and her alleged abductor, 34-year-old Deepak Raghnundhan.

Imsage Source: Facebook

According to a post by Reaction Unit South Africa, the two left their residence on Newlyn Road, Allandale in Pietermaritzburg on Thursday, August 6 around 9 PM. It is alleged that Madhan was lured into Raghunundan’s vehicle to go out searching for Madhan’s dog that had apparently run off after the driveway gate was opened.  Initial reports by RUSA stated that that they were a couple however that was dismissed later. Madhan and Raghunundhan lived in separate apartments on the same property on Newlyn Road in Allandale, Pietermaritzburg.

According to CCTV footage, Raghunandan is seen taking the dog out of the property and had contacted Madhan telephonically informing her that he knew where her dog, Chloe was located. He then picked up the frantic 28-year-old in his white Nissan Navara under the pretext of taking her to her dog, Madhan maintained contact with a relative while in the vehicle but soon after her phone was switched off.

Missing persons case now kidnapping

On Saturday August 8, Brad Nathanson Investigations revealed that the missing person case has been confirmed as a case of kidnapping. The social media update on Facebook stated, “We have been informed by the SAPS that the missing person’s case of Shrivani Madhan has now been confirmed as a Kidnapping.”

Shrivani was indeed kidnapped, however, she managed to escape and is now safe with police. The investigation is still ongoing. Suspect has not been located as yet.

Niresh Ramcharan, Shrivani Madhan’s cousin
A manhunt is currently underway for 34-year-old Deepak Raghunundan

Nathanson’s post continued to read, “Camera evidence provided indicated the pre-meditated kidnapping of Shrivani which confirmed that Deepak Raghunandhan took her dog Chloe into his vehicle to another location pretending that she had run away, he came back to inform Shrivani that her dog had run out so he could lure her into his vehicle. Terrified for her dog’s safety she rushed out with Deepak in search of her. SAPS has confirmed that his personal belongings which include his toiletries, bedding, clothing and shoes were all removed from his apartment prior to the kidnapping. The location of the tracker for his vehicle was traced and found in his kitchen cupboard indicating it had been removed. The last seen whereabouts of the Vehicle has been reported to be seen in the Shongweni area. The vehicle is confirmed as a White Nissan Navara Double Cab. Reg – TYC771GP”.

Happy ending for Shrivani Madhan and Chloe

On Saturday afternoon, Shrivani Madhan was found and reunited with her family and especially her pet Labrador, Chloe. According to Public Eye, it is alleged that Madhan was kept hidden at a BnB in the Assegai area until her rescue today by Crime Intelligence, Mountain Rise SAPS Tracing and Task Teams.

Madhan’s missing dog Chloe had been recovered during the abduction and was in the care of the Hillcrest SPCA and was reunited with her owner this afternoon.

A manhunt is currently underway for 34-year-old Deepak Raghunundan.

UPDATE: Kidnap suspect Deepak Raghunandhan of Pietermaritzburg has been arrested, following the alleged abduction of Shrivani Luksha Madhan Bhola, go read more here on this developing story.

Source inputs: RUSA Facebook |Public Eye | Brad Nathanson Investigations

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