Meshantan Naidoo Called Out For Cyberbullying

Entertainer and social media influencer Meshantan Naidoo has found himself embroiled in a vicious social media war with the South African community. Naidoo sparked massive outrage following a series of shocking revelations made its way onto SA social media platforms. In a span of a week, Naidoo went from being a much-loved social media personality to being the most unwanted person on social media.


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The former Uzalo actor has, in Women’s month, published a series of social media posts and live videos that mocked alleged kidnap and rape victim of Pietermaritzburg. The victim made news recently following her abduction ordeal which is currently being investigated by the South African police. Social media users have called Naidoo out for creating and sharing posts that body-shame the kidnap victim, as well as perpetuating rape culture and advocating violence against women and children. In these live broadcast videos, he discusses scenarios of the Pietermaritzburg kidnap case, as well as voicing views on behalf of the family of the alleged kidnapper. His utterances of sharing strong opinions and allegations in those videos have steamrolled the public calling him out for cyberbullying, victim-shaming and encouraging harmful misogynistic views.

Meshantan Naidoo News
While Meshantan Naidoo faces severe backlash, Western Cape cleric Imam Dawood Sampson has been called out for his sexist video, read here

Naidoo has vehemently denied the accusations made against him in various Facebook live stream sessions and statements on his Instagram account. Naidoo has also called out his social media trolls for creating and publishing a fake post perpetuating him as a sexual predator.

Meshantan Naidoo hits back at social media for portraying him as a sexual predator. | Image Source: Instagram

Naidoo has reverted his Instagram account to private.


  • Chatsworth teenager exposes sex pest grandfather and intends seeking justice for alleged sexual abuse that, she and her mother, endured for years, go here
  • Western Cape cleric Imam Dawood Sampson has been called out for his sexist video, read here

Naidoo labelled as a ‘rape-apologist’

Naidoo has also been called out for lending his support to radio jock Fahim Jamadar, who has recently been named by Vanessa Govender as her alleged abuser. In the same live broadcast, Naidoo also lashed out at former work colleagues, from the South African entertainment industry. with whom previously he had a fallout. In his furious rant, Naidoo hit back at Durban philanthropist and entertainment comedy queen, Bash with Tash, as well as lashing out at his detractors who have successfully shut down his attempts to revive his Facebook fan page. While Naidoo continues attempts to rebuild his social media audiences, netizens are having none of it. With each new fan-page being created, Facebook users have resorted to mass reporting his pages for violations ranging from explicit content, harassment and hate speech.

Meshanthan Naidoo – who has shown no remorse for his victim shaming and being a rape apologist (someone who sides with a rapist).

Sheena Deepnarain, South African Indian actor

The Commission for Gender Equality has been approached by a number of outraged South Africans and various civil organisations demanding action. Social media accounts that follow Naidoo, particularly his female fanbase, have experienced a number of threatening messages from his detractors. An individual, speaking on condition of anonymity, has been hounded by social media users for liking past posts of Naidoo, has resorted to opening a case with the South African police after receiving rape and death threats against herself and her children.

Taking action against Meshantan Naidoo

A growing movement has assembled against Naidoo since last week Saturday from a mere few hundred into thousands across social media platforms. Women have come out blazing challenging Naidoo for his derogatory posts against the kidnap victim. With each post made by Naidoo on the saga, he experiences severe backlash from netizens who are calling him out for his actions and his support for the alleged kidnapper.

Naidoo’s social media posts on Facebook which have been taken down.

The ANC Women’s League have also been contacted by the public to investigate a series of social media posts by Naidoo that ridicule Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs, Minister Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma. While some social media users have taken action by reporting his posts and fan pages, many have resorted to filing complaints with various South African authorities. The Film and Publications Board, the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) and the Commission for Gender Equality have been called on to investigate Naidoo. Senior legal officer Pavershree Padayachee of the KZN office of the SAHRC has confirmed to Indian Spice that there are ongoing pending investigations into Naidoo since June 2020. These cases relating to Naidoo’s transgressions have been transferred to Gauteng provincial office but are in limbo as Naidoo cannot be traced.

With the volume of complaints being laid across South Africa, the SAHRC offices could not immediately confirm the number of complaints received in the latest incident and are currently looking into the matter.

The Gender Commission has been contacted and actionable steps will be taken against Meshanthan Naidoo.

Sheena Deepnarain, South African Indian actor

Speaking to Indian Spice, businesswoman and women empowerment activist, Janet Pillai founding CEO of MLT Corporation comments on Naidoo’s irresponsible and shameful conduct, “We are currently wrestling a vile beast which is gender-based violence. As recent social media events have revealed, we have a large group of our society who are contributing to social degeneration and who subscribe to unhealthy conduct by negatively influencing society. Meshantan Naidoo’s recorded actions engender a type of culture that provides a license for both men and women to share damaging opinions of women and members of the LGBT+ community.”

A number of business and media personalities who have previously been directly or indirectly associated with Naidoo have withdrawn their support for him. Pillai further adds, “This wave of misconduct needs to be stopped in its tracks with active measures to remove access to their platforms and audiences, and to muzzle their extreme behaviours from gaining momentum.”

Indian Spice reached out to Naidoo however he has declined to comment but has taken to publishing a podcast discussing the social media onslaught made against him listen to his statement below.

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