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Fahim Jamadar takes legal action against Vanessa Govender after she names him as her alleged abuser from her memoir, Beaten But Not Broken.

Fahim Jamadar Hits Back at Vanessa Govender

Fahim Jamadar has issued a statement over the recent spate of allegations made against him by former journalist and author Vanessa Govender. Jamadar has revealed, that he is currently busy with his legal team, as he will be taking action against Vanessa Govender after she named him as her former abusive boyfriend.

In 2018, Govender had published her tell-all memoir, Beaten But Not Broken where she takes readers on a vivid journey into her relationship with the former Lotus FM radio jock. Jamadar has previously denied being in a relationship with her calling his interactions with her as friends. The first 100 pages of Govender’s book explains a tumultuous relationship with a former Lotus FM radio jock. She goes into the fine detail in the book, Beaten But Not Broken, shared experiences of horrific incidents of sexual assault, mental abuse and violence she had endured. Fahim took to the social media platform, Facebook last week slamming news reports that pointed to him. And now Jamadar has issued a statement discussing the recent turn of events where Govender names him as her alleged abuser. Following his consultations with a legal team his statement reads, “Having carefully considered the defamatory false allegations and lies by the individual, I place on record that the comments contained therein are absurd, to say the least, and total fabrication.”

Vanessa Govender Fahim Jamadar Beaten But Not Broken Cover-main-news
Fahim Jamadar takes legal action against Vanessa Govender after she names him as her alleged abuser from her memoir, Beaten But Not Broken.

Jamadar describes the allegations as false and defamatory calling the situation as a ‘personal vendetta’ or an obsession where Govender is unable to leave him alone.

Without being disrespectful, it is very evident that the individual who made these false allegations and defamatory comments against my good name and reputation either has a personal vendetta or is simply obsessed and cannot leave me alone.

Jamadar in his statement further added that his legal team are proceeding with action against Vanessa Govender for her utterances,

“I am highly disappointed and disgusted by such conduct, however, I have elected to engage with my legal team to take legal action against this individual or any individual that perpetrates defamation, hate speech or harassment. It must be noted that I will not tolerate any such conduct under any circumstances, and perpetrators will be punished in accordance with the law of the Republic of South Africa for their offences.”

Fahim Jamadar’s wife lashes out at Vanessa Govender

Fahim Jamadar’s wife has also issued a statement where she lashes out at Govender calling her actions to be nothing more than a ‘public spectacle.’ Mrs Jamadar also blames Govender for the ongoing harassment that she and her children face.

In her letter, she dismissed the allegations made by Govender against her husband. She wrote, ‘There is no evidence or criminal charges against him, yet every few months you bring this up again and give him a trial via social media. My kids and I do not know you and have nothing to do with you, yet we are now facing harassment because of your social media rants.”

Jamadar’s wife also stated that their children and herself have never been victims of abuse at the hands of Fahim and if that was the case, she would have spoken out. She also states that she is happily married to Jamadar for 10 years She also pleaded with Govender to spend time and energy to focus on her own family instead of taking a destructive path against Fahim.

Fahim Jamadar hits back

Govender had named Fahim Jamadar as her abuser at a virtual gathering titled GBV and the law hosted by Jacana Media and the Tears Foundation. Following news of the revelations made against him he took to the social media platform, Facebook to say,

DONT believe everything you hear or read…some people are just obsessed…unfulfilled and sad individuals and make up stories…some people even go write stories🤨…FYI i was NOT involved in this Mickey mouse video story…there was no relationship with the person…she lied and said she was in a “PERCEIVED” relationship(like what the fish is that),her assault story was also a total fabrication and this is why a week before the trial the case was dropped!!!here is the real situation…..

Govender at the Jacana Media virtual meet explained, “It was a deliberate decision not to name him in the book. I don’t give him the luxury or benefit of keeping him anonymous anymore. I’ve been afraid of saying that name. It’s not my fear, not my shame. I’m done with that.”

Govender further added, “I owe myself. I’ve been trapped by not saying this God-forsaken name. It’s not my job to protect you anymore,” she said as she broke down. Govender explained that despite allegations being levelled again him, Jamadar has returned to the airwaves

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