Fahim Jamadar’s Mother Never Liked Vanessa Govender

Fahim Jamadar is the name that has been associated with the shocker tell-all memoir ‘Beaten But Not Broken’ by former journalist, Vanessa Govender. In 2018, Govender wrote a book about a fractured intimate relationship that she shared with the former Lotus FM radio jock. Following her revelation of naming him as her abuser, Jamadar has recently issued a statement calling Govender ‘obsessed’ and is currently taking legal action against her for defamation.

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Vanessa Govender takes to discuss her book ‘Beaten but not Broken’ speaking of her unhappy and abusive relationship with Jamadar. Vanessa Govender shot to fame as one of the first female Indian television news reporters in South Africa. At the height of her journalism career, more than one million households across the country knew her name and her face. Her reporting on human suffering and triumph captivated viewers. In 2018, Govender published her memoir titled Beaten But Not Broken that unravelled instances of gender-based- violence. Jamadar has over the years denied the claims made by Vanessa Govender insisting that their relationship was one of being ‘friends’ and nothing further. The first 100 pages of Govender’s book explains a tumultuous relationship that narrates horrific incidents of sexual assault, mental abuse and violence she had endured allegedly at the hands of Jamadar. The radio jock has previously stated, “We were friends but we weren’t in a romantic relationship … I have not read the book, but from what I have heard about it, she is definitely not speaking about me as what was said to me never transpired … She apparently makes reference to things that transpired at the SABC and I was not there from 2002 to 2004 so was not privy to what was happening.”

Speaking to Polity SA in this 2018 interview, Vanessa Govender explains her reasons for opening up and writing ‘Beaten But Not Broken’. She also touches on colorism and the discrimination she faces being a dark-skinned Sout African Indian woman.

The Vanessa Govender vs Fahim Jamadar story

You can also read Fahim Jamadar’s wife’s statement here where she describes Vanessa Govender’s outbursts on social media a ‘public spectacle” read here.

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