Dear Kiru Naidoo, You Disgust Me

Leah Hale writes over the recent Kiru Naidoo open letter where he lambasts eNCA news journalist Shahan Ramkissoon for his conduct as a journalist. Ramkissoon’s controversial interview has had South Africans talking for the past month, this after he questioned the Zikalala over a series of incidents that plague his administration. Naidoo describes Ramkissoon’s on-air conduct as “demeaning tinged with racism” as he laid into KwaZulu Natal premier Sihle Zikalala in a recent interview. Naidoo had further added that “People of Indian origin, in particular, are both victims and perpetrators of racism – overt, covert, conscious and criminal.”

Shahan Ramkissoon in a live broadcast stated discussed Kiru Naidoo and his accusations, the eNCA news journalist has hit back saying that he will not apologise for holding politicians accountable.

Read Leah Hale’s letter below

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Dear Mr Kiru Naidoo

Before I begin, I should start by telling you that I am 24-year-old Indian, female, I now reside in Isipingo Beach but prior to this, I grew up in an area called Woodlands. It was and still remains a beautiful area. It does not have the same fame as Chatsworth so I cannot make money writing a book about it. 

As I read your letter over and over again, the anger mounted.

Excuse me if I use your pick at a few of your thoughts. The anger you felt watching that video was the same anger I felt reading your pathetic attempt to smooth things over with the Premier. 

I am sorry. I am sorry if you think for one second that your letter deserves more than a second glance. I am sad to share a gene pool with you. It is such a disappointment to see you gloss over the death of an elderly man in your disgusting letter. His name was Sibusiso Khumalo. Say his name. Sibusiso Khumalo. Ultimately, he deserved the apology. He deserved the compassion that you drove into your piece to soothe Premier Sihle Zikalala who, might I add, is fully capable of fighting his own battles. The people of South Africa are under the care of people such as Mr Sihle Zikalala. Mr Sibusiso Khumalo should have been taken care of. Do you think that you and your pals are the only ones that struggled?

Let’s do the math. You are Indian, you should be able to keep up. Mr Khumalo was born in 1953. That means that for 41 years of his life, he was oppressed by the Apartheid government. He should have been given better health care, not so? 

So how dare you, Mr Naidoo? How dare you gloss over the death of this man and many others like him, who were not given proper health care and afforded any dignity? I’ll tell you why you dare to do this. You spotted an opportunity to regale your stories about a struggle that has been won. News Flash. There is a new struggle. A struggle to fight against corruption and restore what was taken by the apartheid government so that our elders do not have to be treated inside a tent!

It disgusts me that you have the audacity to apologise on behalf of the Indian community. If we wanted to, we would have gotten someone far more equipped to represent us. Perhaps Mr Shahan Ramkissoon would be up to the task.

That brings me to my final point. Mr Ramkissoon was not racist when questioning Premier Zikalala. This is not a tale of Black People vs Brown People. He was simply asked him a few questions. It is a pity that South Africa will never truly understand why it’s so easy for corruption to occur, especially through a dreadful epidemic. Of all the things you could have apologised for, you chose to apologise to the Premier who did not do his job, because if he had, Mr Khumalo would not have passed away in a tent. 

I wish you all the best through this epidemic and I really do hope that you don’t feel like it’s too late to learn something new in life. 

Disclaimer: The views & comments expressed in this piece are those of the writer and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of Indian Spice.

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