Emam Bux Meats Deny Selling Zebra Meat

Durban butcher brand Emam Bux Meats Wholesale and Retail has slammed rumours that they sell Zebra meat to consumers. | Representative Image

Popular Durban butcher brand Emam Bux Meats Wholesale and Retail has denied rumours that the company sells zebra meat. Social media was a flurry with pictures of an overturned Hestony truck that contained carcasses of Zebra, had gone viral allegedly destined for the Emam Bux stores. In a statement issued by Emam Bux Meats, the company CEO dismissed the rumours as work of a “disgruntled opponent”.

The post in question is the work of a disgruntled opponent in the meat industry who cannot compete with our affordable prices and quality meat

The lost load of zebra carcasses that toppled over from a Hestony delivery truck on the N12.

General manager of Hestony’s Logistic Refrigerated Services division confirms that the load of zebra carcasses was enroute to a client in the Eastern Cape when the accident happened.

Durban Butcher Emam Bux Meats Denies Selling Zebra Meat

The 122-year-old halal butcher brand released a statement on their fan page on Facebook after rumors went viral on social media and Whatsapp. The statement reads,

Durban Butcher Emam Bux Meats Denies Selling Zebra Meat

“The post is malicious and designed to tarnish our good reputation in the market. It is nonsensical because the pictures have been grouped together to convey a distorted view,” Emam Bux said.

The Durban butcher closed off their lengthy statement saying, “EMAM BUX assures our customers that we do not stock nor sell Zebra meat. All our meat products are of the highest quality.”

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