Eat Fast Die Young Tamil Documentary with Subtitles

Eat Fast Die Young Sagarikka Sivakumar
Tamil documentary ‘Eat Fast Die Young’ where 18yo Sagarikka Sivakumar ate junk food nonstop for 30 days creating awareness of unhealthy diets in teenagers.

Sagarikka Sivakumar (18) of Tiruchy in Tamil Nadu watched her 21-year-old friend die of cardiac arrest which was a result of an unhealthy diet. Watch as his death became her motivation to create awareness around healthy living in this disturbing self-experimentation on the effect of junk food on teenagers. Sivakumar consumed junk food for 30 days, five meals a day in June 2018 and her documentary titled, ‘Eat Fast Die Young’ released on Youtube this Sunday, 13 September 2020.

Watch the documentary and shocking results.

Sagarikka had a sugar sensor attached to her body and undertook a blood test before her she began the experiment. She spent the entire thirty days consuming nothing but junk food five times a day for 30 days.

Source: Eat Fast Die Young documentary on Youtube

2013 studyTrusted Source showed that when people were trained to look at and interpret one of their most-craved junk foods in a negative light, desire for it lessened. Participants were asked to view the craved food as if:

  • they were already feeling very full
  • they just saw the food item sneezed on
  • they could save the item for later
  • they were told about negative consequences of eating the food (stomachache, weight gain)

Your mind is much more powerful than you might think. It can’t hurt to experiment!

What is a junk food diet? Junk food describes food and drinks low in nutrients (e.g. vitamins, minerals and fibre) and high in kilojoules, saturated fat, added sugar and/or added salt. Eating too much junk food is linked to serious health problems. Junk foods are not a necessary part of any diet.

Source: Youtube

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