Time Enna Boss Tamil Comedy Amazon Prime Video 1
Time Enna Boss is a 10-part Tamil comedy series streaming on Amazon Prime Video, here's what we found out about this much-anticipated show.

Time Enna Boss Tamil Comedy Series Amazon Prime Video

The trailer of the Tamil time-travel web series Time Enna Boss on Amazon Prime Video has finally released.

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The trailer of the Tamil comedy series introduces us to a group of individuals coming from different eras and somehow they all end up in the year 2019. The host from 2019 is played by Bharath, Priya Bhavanishankar plays a doctor from the 1970s, Sanjana Sarathy plays a woman from 1895, Robo Shankar plays a warrior from 10th century and, Karunakaran plays a man who travels from 2075. And if he is anything to go by, it seems humans have not evolved significantly 55 years from now. And their fashion sense has also declined remarkably.

“The concept of Time Enna Boss is unique and innovative, taking the audiences on a refreshing journey of time travel with lots of laughter. fun and heartwarming moments,” said Pushpa Kandaswamy, MD Kavithalaya who produced the series.

Watch the trailer of Time Enna Boss here,

Time Enna Boss is a 10-part web series produced by Kavithalayaa Productions. The 37-year-old production company is responsible for several blockbuster Tamil television soap operas during the 1990s.

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“In Time Enna Boss, Kavithalayaa has managed to rope in some of the top artistes from the film industry to provide a delightfully fun show which will lighten up people’s moods during these unprecedented times. We are confident that the Tamil audiences will enjoy watching the show as much as we enjoyed creating it,” she added.

Time Enna Boss starts streaming on Amazon Prime Video from September 18.

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