Merebank Woman’s Murder Leaves Residents in Shock

Residents of Merebank, south of Durban have been left in shock after a 50-year-old woman was found dead, bound and assaulted at her Alwar Road residence yesterday morning, 15 September.

Merebank Murder news
Image Source: Rising Sun

Her body was discovered by PT Tactical security personnel who responded to the scene, following a robbery at the Merebank residence. According to a local security company spokesperson for PT Tactical, Dhevan Govindasamy said the woman was found dead upon arrival. He says a child, together with a domestic worker was also found tied up and traumatised,

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Merebank residents urged to be on the lookout

Chairperson of the Merewent Community Policing Forum, Donavan Anderson says they have noticed an increase in the amount of irregular movement of vehicles and people loitering in the area. Anderson says it seems as if these people are watching homes in the area, waiting for the opportune moment to swoop.

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Source: Newsbreak Lotus

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