Indian cricketer Suresh Raina Murder Pathankot
The murder of Indian cricketer Suresh Raina's family has been solved as three suspects arrested, Punjab Chief Minister revealed on Wednesday.

Murder of Suresh Raina’s Family Three Arrested

The tragic robbery attack and murder of Indian cricketer Suresh Raina’s family has been solved, this according to Punjab CM Captain Amarinder Singh on Wednesday, 16 September.

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Three suspects linked to an inter-state robbery syndicate have been arrested Raina’s relatives were attacked by the men on the evening of August 19 at their Pathankot residence. The Punjab CM declared the case “solved”, reports NDTV.

Eleven other accused are yet to be arrested, the report said, quoting Punjab DGP Dinkar Gupta.

Raina’s uncle and cousin died as a result of the robbery after the family was attacked at their Pathankot home. Ashok Kumar, Raina’s uncle, died on the scene while his son Kaushal sadly passed away on 31 August. According to the India Today report, three other family members suffered injuries, including Ashok Kumar’s wife, Asha Rani, who was reported to be in critical condition.


Punjab Director General of Police (DGP) moved swiftly setting up a Special Investigation Team (SIT) to carry out the probe into the murders. Initial investigations suggested that the attack had the signature of criminals belonging to a de-notified criminal tribe, who are often seen to operate along the Punjab-Himachal border, the SIT was mandated to examine all possible angles, according to DGP Dinkar Gupta, IANS reported.

Indian cricketer Suresh Raina Murder Pathankot

India Today reported that the SIT received information that three suspects were staying in Jhuggis near the Pathankot Railway Station, after which a raid was conducted, leading to their capture.

It is believed another 11 arrests are forthcoming in the case. The murder of Suresh Raina’s family returning to India, missing the entire IPL 2020, citing personal reasons.

Suresh Raina had announced his retirement from international cricket, after his captain and mentor Mahendra Singh Dhoni. His retirement announcement came minutes after Dhoni told his loyal fanbase “consider me retired” on his Instagram account.

Source inputs: India Today | NDTV

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