Dr Abdulhay Munshi Murder Shocks Medical Fraternity

The medical fraternity remains shocked at the senseless killing of Johannesburg Anaesthetist, Dr Abdulhay Munshi. He was gunned down by a motorist who rear-ended his vehicle and then opened fire multiple times. Munshi was one of two prominent doctors who found themselves in the midst of a medical storm after they were blamed for the death of a patient after surgery and charged with culpable homicide.

Family, friends and the healthcare fraternity gathered outside Munshi’s home in Houghton on Thursday to pay their final respects to the doctor following his murder this week.
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Meanwhile, The South African Medical Association (SAMA) – calls on all of its members to wear a black arm-band for the next seven days to express their concern over the violence directed at health-care workers nationally. SAMA chair Dr Akhtar Hussain explains the government’s role in ensuring front line workers are protected against disgruntled patients.

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Dr Abdulhay Munshi was charged with culpable homicide along with Professor Peter Beale in relation to the death of 10-year-old patient Zayyaan Sayed. The child died at Netcare’s Park Lane Clinic hours after a routine laparoscopic operation to stop reflux in October last year. Munshi and Beale were granted bail and appeared at court on August 31. The case was postponed to November 16.

Munshi’s cousin and family spokesperson, Goolam Hoosen, speaking to EWN, “We just can’t believe that this has happened to Abdulhay, our beloved cousin. This kind of tragic incident is not something that anyone can anticipate and this is a big concern for us.”

Dr Abdulhay Munshi was laid to rest at Johannesburg’s Westpark Cemetery yesterday. To read more on Zayyaan Sayed’s death and the case relating to Professor Beale and Dr Abdulhay Munshi case tap here

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