Sayed Family Deny Involvement In Dr Munshi’s Death

The father of the late 10-year-old Zayyaan Sayed has vehemently denied any involvement in the death of Dr Abdulhay Munshi. Mohammadh Sayed is currently pursuing a case of culpable homicide against paediatric surgeon Professor Peter Beale and the late anaesthetist Dr Abdulhay Munshi.

Mohammadh Sayed issued a press statement through his lawyer on Friday, 18 September 2020 denying any allegation that he may have been involved in the crime.

“The inferences sought to be drawn in the media are irresponsible, reckless, speculative and sensationalist. Mohammadh Sayed denies any involvement in the crime and sincerely hopes that the perpetrators will be found and brought to justice as soon as possible,” read the statement.

Mohammadh Sayed said he was not being malicious in pursuing criminal charges against Munshi and Beale.

“He has instructed his legal team to engage with the investigating and prosecuting authorities on a regular basis in his endeavours to ensure that justice is not only achieved but also done in a legitimate and transparent manner in this matter,” read the statement from his lawyers.

“The investigation thus remains in the hands of the police and the National Prosecuting Authority. He has endeavoured to hold the doctors involved accountable, criminally and before the Health Professions Council of SA. This is to ensure that no other parent suffers the pain and anguish that he and other parents endured before,” the statement read.

Muslim Healthcare bodies call for justice for Dr Abdulhay Munshi

Healthcare bodies say that if there is indeed a link between the killing of Dr Abdulhay Munshi and the culpable homicide case where he appeared in court for the death of a patient, then the public should be outraged.

Dr Munshi was shot near his Johannesburg home this week- in what many have labelled as an assassination. He was a co-accused in a culpable homicide case with Johannesburg paediatric surgeon doctor Peter Beale.

The two were taken to court following the death of ten-year-old Zayyaan Sayed at Park Lane Clinic after surgery last year. They were to appear again in November. In a joint statement, the Islamic Medical Association of South African and the South African Muslim Network (SAMNET) say Dr Munshi’s killing is an attack on the entire medical profession.

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Munshi and Beale were arrested in October 2019 and charged with culpable homicide after the child died after what was meant to be a routine laparoscopic operation to stop reflux.

Dr Abdulhay Munshi and Professor Beale were granted bail of R10,000 and were due back in court on November 16. To read more on Zayyaan Sayed’s death and the case relating to Prof Beale and Dr Munshi case tap here

Sources: Newsbreak Lotus | TimesLIVE

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